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So, what is pill splitting or pill cutting and why is it done? Pill splitting or pill cutting is when a pill or tablet is split or cut into a smaller fraction of the whole pill. Generally, this means splitting a pill into half but sometimes a half is then split to ¼ tablet. For many medications, your doctor can write a prescription that is usually double the dosage of what you might take in one day. Those medications can then be cut in half, creating the smaller dose instructed for you to take. For example, a medication might be prescribed for 40 mg, but then the pill is split so you end up with two 20 mg pieces. If your doctor wants you to take 20 mg you now have double the amount of medication on hand which results in cost savings. You may be able to get a 2-month supply of medicine for the price of one.

In the home and in healthcare facilities pill splitting is performed daily. Pill splitting can be a help in reducing medication costs if the same amount of the larger and smaller doses is sold at a similar price. In general pill splitting or pill cutting happens when one wishes to achieve cost savings or when a dosage of a drug is not already available.

Easily split pills of various sizes, shapes and thicknesses safely and accurately with our expert line of pill splitting options

MAXSPLIT™ Safety Pill Splitter with Puncher

The MAXSPLIT Safety Pill Splitter is an expertly designed pill splitter featuring a blade guard to prevent accidental blade contact, U-shaped holder for easy pill placement, rubber insert to keep pills in place and FDA complaint food grade plastic construction for safety and durability. Bonus pill puncher feature!

MAXSPLIT™ Pill Splitter with Puncher

The MAXSPLIT Pill Splitter features a rubber lined, U-shaped holder for pill positioning and alignment, and its quality and durable food grade plastic construction is safe and will withstand repeated use. Bonus pill puncher feature!

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For Healthcare Professionals

Always discuss your options with a pharmacist or doctor before deciding to split a pill.

There are some general risks associated with pill splitting. The possibility of an uneven dose where even the slightest difference in the two halves of a split pill could affect your health. Sometimes while splitting the pill will end up crushed or crumbled resulting in uneven doses and wasted medication. 

An appropriate pill splitter like those offered by Maxpert Medical should be used when splitting pills or tablets. A knife is not a good choice and may cause harm and result in uneven splitting and incorrect dosage. Often the cheap pill splitter or pill cutter that someone instructs you to purchase can do more harm than good as well. 

Maxpert Medical is pleased to offer high quality, expertly designed pill splitters that are constructed of safe, FDA approved materials. Our pill splitters were engineered with enhancements that help simplify pill splitting. Our U-shaped holder allows pills of various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to be easily positioned and split safely and accurately. The holder area is lined with a rubber insert to help the pill stay put during splitting. We use a Stainless-steel precision blade that easily cuts through pills with reduced chance of splintering and crumbling. Some of our splitters have built-in pill storage compartments and a bonus integrated pill puncher feature that allows pills to be punched from a blister or unit dose style package. We also have a safety splitter option where the blade is hidden by a built-in guard. We take pride in our thoughtful designs and know that our high quality can withstand daily use. 

Our pill splitters are designed for both home users and healthcare professionals such as nurses and pharmacists. Maxpert Medical’s pill splitters deliver on quality, safety, and function



Pill splitters have been used for many years in the home to split pills or tablets. Certain medications are not available in a specific dose, so a higher dose is split to achieve the desired dose or splitting is performed for mere cost savings where your supply of medications cab be doubled or tripled due to using a pill splitter and cutting into smaller doses. These however are not the only uses of a pill splitter around the home. Some pills, vitamins and supplements are split so they can be swallowed easier. Children and pets take a much lower dose of medications and they can be split to reach the optimal prescribed dose. All these splitting needs should be approved by your doctor or pharmacist.

Maxpert Medical offers our line of expert designed MAXSPLIT™ Pill Splitters to assist in all your pill splitting needs. We created our high-quality options to help provide a safe, easy, and accurate way to split your pills. You will see and feel the difference with our line of splitters. The U-shaped holder for easy pill placement, rubber lining to keep pill in position, sharp easy effort cutting blade and options like our built-in pill puncher or blade guard make MAXSPLIT™ an easy choice to have in the home or to use while traveling.

Healthcare Professionals

There are instances where medications in healthcare settings will need to be split by a pharmacist or nurse. Sometimes it might be because the patient’s exact dose is not commercially available, so more than one tablet or half of a tablet might be needed. Patients often cannot swallow whole pills and there are instances where insurers will not approve a certain strength and pills need to be split to achieve the correct strength. Pharmacists in an inpatient setting might split a pill then repackage the exact dose that the patient should receive. Sometimes the nurse will use a pill splitter on the patient care unit in a med room or the patient’s bedside.

Our MAXSPLIT™ Pill Spitter line is one of our medication preparation and administration tools to help busy healthcare professionals. The durable and safe construction can withstand the daily repetitive use at busy medical sites. Pharmacists and nurses can depend on our pill splitters for safe, accurate and easy pill splitting. Our MAXSPLIT™ Pill Splitters are ideal for patient dedicated, patient specific pill splitting applications to control cross contamination and comply with Joint Commission best practice standards. MAXSPLIT™ Pill Splitters are ideal for use in medication rooms and to be kept at the patient’s bedside in a locked cabinet or drawer. Patient dedicated pill splitters can be sent home with patients with doctor orders and directions. Our expert designed and crafted pill splitters will help busy healthcare professionals with pill splitting safety and simplicity.