Medlance Plus 30G Lancet


Designed for modern capillary blood sampling, the Medlance Plus single-use safety lancets are integral to the sharps-injury prevention progams in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and doctors’ offices.

Item Number: CGT04 200 lancets per package

Weight: 2lbs


Gentle and comfortable with puncture site

  • Ultra-sharp needle optimally positioned during skin penetration.
  • Linear needle tracking eliminates vibrations to reduce pain and prevent tissue damage.
  • Low triggering force ensures gentle and comfortable contact with the puncture site.

Easy to use with no pre-loading

  • Modern, ergonomically shaped safety lancet with reliable contact activation mechanism.
  • Doesn’t require pre-loading, simplifying blood sampling.
  • Distance between the device and finger, along with the needle pressure to the puncture site, is predetermined to ensure ultimate penetration depth control and adequate blood sample size.
  • Requires minimal user training.

Efficient design ensures adequate blood volume with minimal pain – guaranteed to lance the first time.

  • “Technique-independent” design ensures adequate blood flow at minimal pain level.
  • Guaranteed to lance the first time.

Safe, single-use, and self-destructing device with a sterile needle that’s concealed before and after use.

  • Sterilized to medical standards for supreme safety.

Three Gauge Sizes

  • 25G needle with 1.5 mm penetration depth; ideal for blood glucose monitoring.
  • 28G needle with a 1.5mm penetration depth.
  • 30G needle with 1.2 mm penetration depth; ideal for delicate/sensitive skin or when a smaller blood sample is needed.

200 lancets per package

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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