2-Pack Pill Splitter – MAXSPLIT™ Safety Pill Splitter, Red and MAXSPLIT™ Safety Pill Splitter, Blue, 2 count (pack of 1)


With the MAXSPLIT Safety Pill Splitter 2-Pack you get both a Blue and Red high quality pill splitter with blade guard in one convenient package. Designate a color for a particular family member or one for you and the other for your pet. Keep one splitter at home and another in your travel kit for pill splitting convenience.


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  • User safety! The integrated blade guard conceals the sharp blade, preventing accidental contact and providing a safe pill splitting experience
  • Safe, high quality materials! Latex free, FDA compliant food grade material that is very durable.
  • Easy pill placement! The U-shaped holder allows pills of various sizes, shapes and thicknesses to be easily positioned and split safely and accurately.
  • Only light pressure required! Stainless-steel precision blade easily cuts through pills with reduced chance of splintering and crumbling.
  • Transparent plastic provides an easy view while splitting.
  • Each 2-pack includes 1 – Clear Red MAXSPLIT Safety Pill Splitter and 1 – Clear Blue MAXSPLIT Safety Pill Splitter