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Many people have difficulty or the inability to swallow pills. The medical term for this difficulty is Dysphagia. Some are truly challenged with this and others just have an aversion to swallowing pills. In fact, there are many reasons that medications can be difficult to swallow. This can affect people of all ages, as well as pets and some large animals.

When this occurs, and there are no liquid or other alternative medication forms, pills may need to be crushed into a powder and sprinkled into food such as applesauce or pudding, or mixed into a liquid to be taken. Some may have feeding tubes and medication must be crushed into a fine powder to be delivered safely and effectively though their feeding tube. The easiest and most effective way to crush medications is with a pill crusher. Some may also refer to a pill crusher as a tablet crusher or pill grinder.

Experience a new twist on pill crushing with our expert line of pill crusher options.

MAXGRIND® Pill Crusher and Grinder

MAXGRIND® is a revolutionary, high-quality twist pill crusher and grinder featuring an ergonomic, easy-to-grip and twist design providing dual action crushing and grinding. Simple pepper grinder action delivers fine powder.

MAXGRIND® Lite Pill Crusher and Grinder

The MAXGRIND® Lite Pill Crusher and Grinder is a dynamic twist pill crusher that easily delivers finely crushed medication top down into the attached clear cup or into a disposable medication cup. Ideal for patient specific use.

MAXCRUSH® M200 Cup Pill Crusher

The MAXCRUSH M200 Cup Pill Crusher is an expert designed, two cup method pill crusher combining an ergonomic handle design with a unique buffering and grinding motion to deliver highly effective pill crushing with minimal manual effort.

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For Healthcare

Maxpert Medical understands the need for ergonomically designed, easy to use, and highly effective pill crushers for use in the home and by healthcare professionals.

Our simple expert pill crushers are efficient and require little physical effort. Pills are crushed to fine powder in just seconds.

Maxpert Medical pill crushers not only simplify the pill crushing task; they are highly effective at crushing medications to achieve minimal medication loss, so you do not worry about how much medication you’re really consuming. We offer twist style pill crushers like our MAXGRIND line, which are used in a similar fashion as pepper grinders where a simple back and forth twisting motion delivers crushed medication. We also offer a more institutional pill crusher like our MAXCRUSH handle style manual pill crusher that utilizes a two cup, medication cup method for crushing medications.

Our MAXCRUSH pill crusher is often used by a nurse or pharmacist in a hospital or extended care setting where multipl pills are crushed for multiple patients. Maxpert Medical pill crushers are excellent medication assistance aides. Our crushers are designed to assist those that may have arthritis or a weakened grip. Features like the rubber grip on MAXGRIND and the ergonomic handle design on MAXCRUSH make crushing pills easier. Our crushers not only provide initial crushing of pills; they have a built-in grinding motion that assists in achieving fine powder with ease.

Our MAXGRIND® Pill Crusher and Grinder is the first individual, twist style pill crusher to offer medication crushing from the top down and can crush pills into a plastic medication cup.

Innovation can be found throughout our MAXGRIND Pill Crushers and MAXCRUSH Pill Crusher products and accessory options. Our pill crushers are made from high quality, FDA approved materials and are designed to withstand daily use. They are comfortable to the hand and highly effective with one or multiple medications being crushed at the same time.

Pill crushers have long been used in the home to crush medications when swallowing is impossible or difficult. It is common for a pill crusher to be used by someone that cannot swallow pills or by someone that is caring for an aging or sick loved one, as well as for crushing medications for pets. With the expanded use of vitamins and supplements for today’s health and wellness needs, pill crushers have been in higher demand. Vitamins and supplements can be rather large and hard to swallow or some like to crush vitamins or supplements and mix in smoothies and other drinks.

It is common for consumers, home users of pill crushers, to utilize a twist style pill crusher to perform their pill crushing needs.

This is where Maxpert Medical’s MAXGRIND® and MAXGRIND®
Lite Pill Crusher and Grinder really excel and deliver finely crushed pills and vitamins with ease. Our MAXGRIND® Pill Crusher and Grinder is expertly designed to safely crush pills into a fine powder with a simple and familiar motion of that like a pepper

Our crushers are ergonomically designed for those with a weak grip and both crush and grind doing the work for you without the difficulty and hand strain. MAXGRIND® Pill Crushers are twist style pill crushers constructed of the highest quality, safe materials providing a peace of mind when taking your crushed pills. It is common for crushed pills or vitamins to be mixed with applesauce, yogurt, ice cream or in the case of pets in soft food. With our MAXGRIND® Pill Crushers designed for use in your home, pills are crushed from the top down into a clear attached cup. This unique cup doubles as a serving dish and allows pills and vitamins to be mixed with food directly into the cup and then served.

Our MAXGRIND® Pill Crusher and Grinder family is a wonderful pill crusher option that will meet all of your home pill crushing needs.

Pill crushing has long been a practice in clinical healthcare settings such as hospitals, long term care, extended care facilities, pharmacies, hospice care and more. Often pills are crushed for the same reason you would crush pills at home, because they are difficult or impossible for some to swallow. In healthcare settings there are other needs for pill crushing, such as neuro, critical care, or rehabilitation care settings where patients cannot be administered solid pills. Often pills are crushed into a fine powder and delivered by enteral tube feeding.

There are different types and styles of pill crushers used by healthcare professionals in clinical settings. Much of this is determined by the policies adopted by the medical facility as well as compliance with regulatory bodies such as The Joint Commission. Healthcare facilities look to establish best practices based on standard of care.

 Maxpert Medical has expertly designed pill crushers that help healthcare professionals with medication preparation and administration processes.

Our MAXGRIND® Lite Pill Crusher and Grinder is a great tool for patient dedicated or patient specific pill crushing. With MAXGRIND® Lite, one would be provided to each patient that has a requirement for pills to be crushed. A MAXGRIND® Lite pill crusher would be kept in the patient’s room and used specifically for that single patient only. MAXGRIND Lite might be kept in a locked cabinet, bedside cart, or tray so the caregiver has quick access to it when needed.

With Maxpert Medical’s MAXGRIND® Lite Pill Crusher a nurse can insert a standard 30 ml plastic medication cup into the bottom of the attached cup on MAXGRIND so that when pills are crushed, the powder empties directly into the 30 ml plastic cup. This allows the nurse to remove the plastic medication cup and complete preparation and administration with less mess and a reduced chance of lost medication if medication is transferred from the crusher to the medication cup anyway, which is a common practice. If a patient is hospitalized, they may take MAXGRIND® Lite home with them when discharged. If a medical center has a meds to beds program a new MAXGRIND® Lite Pill Crusher could be given to them when they go home so they have a means to crush pills.

Cup and pouch pill crushers are also commonly used by healthcare professionals. We offer an ergonomic and easy-to-use MAXCRUSH® M200 Cup Pill Crusher. With our cup pill crusher a two medication cup method is used to prevent cross contamination and minimize pill dust in the air. Our MAXCRUSH® Pill Crusher is very durable, and crushes and grinds medications simultaneously. This would be more of a family pill crusher shared amongst multiple patients with a pill crushing need. A nurse would clean the crusher between uses and use new medication cups for each patient. For those healthcare professionals using pouch style pill crushers where pills are crushed inside of a small clear plastic crushing bag, we offer our MAXCRUSH® Pill Crusher Pouch with fold-in safety flaps that help eliminate powder from being released in the air while crushing.

Maxpert Medical has pill crushers and accessories that are helpful and designed with you in mind whether you are using a patient dedicated pill crushing model or that in which cups or pouches are used.