Planning a family is one of the most exciting times for a couple. However, the wait to learn if you are pregnant can be grueling. Seconds can seem like hours and minutes can feel like days. For patients engaged in IVF, the added wait for another doctor appointment to confirm a pregnancy can be exhausting.

Many women opt to take a home pregnancy test while they wait 10-12 days for a test in the doctor’s office. The first few weeks of pregnancy are critical to a baby’s development. Discovering you are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy allows you to make healthy choices during the early development of the fetus.

The Maxpert Medical MaxCheck Home Pregnancy test is a One Step HCG Urine Test strip specifically for in vitro diagnostic home use. The test device is intended for the rapid determination of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in urine to aid in the early detection of pregnancy. The sooner you know, the sooner you can start taking care of your baby.

How does the home pregnancy test work?

Home pregnancy tests measure urinary levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a placenta-produced hormone of pregnancy. HCG finds its way into the bloodstream and urine soon after an embryo implants in the uterus. Our easy to use MaxCheck Home Pregnancy Test gives you fast, accurate results in five minutes. The visual results are easy to interpret and are sensitive enough to detect levels as low as 25mIU/ml.

Where can I get it?

The Maxcheck Home Pregnancy test is available online through our website. We offer packages with 5 or 25 test strips.

What if I am not pregnant?

If you are in the beginning stages of family planning, our  MaxCheck One Step Ovulation Test rapidly detects Luteinizing Hormones (LH) in urine to predict when there is an LH surge, indicating when you are likely to ovulate. Packages are available with 5 or 25 test strips and can be ordered online through our website.

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