Those working in healthcare are aware of the daily stressors of the industry. From taking care of patients to dealing with last-minute problems, the fast-paced environment of hospitals and pharmacies can easily become a challenge to healthcare professionals. This could potentially lead to medication errors and affect the overall patient experience.

One of the main issues pharmacy and hospital personnel run into is a stock-out, which can be not only frustrating but hazardous. For this reason, we offer the TwinBin, an innovative two-bin Kanban system that will ensure optimized supply levels in any healthcare setting.

History of the TwinBin

The TwinBin served many purposes in history. While it was initially developed for the industrial market, this product was used as a dispenser for nuts and confectionery products; eventually expanding to other markets such as healthcare.

How the TwinBin System Works

The TwinBin is a two-bin system with a visual flag indicator that works by storing reserve stock above active stock. Once active stock reaches a replenishment or empty point, a divider is pulled to empty the reserve stock into the lower bin, also triggering an indicator flag to pop up, thereby providing an automatic reorder alert.

Why use the TwinBin System

This innovative product is ideal for bulk small supplies or items on a shelf that might be hard to manage. The TwinBin will compliment systems with high technology and truly help in problematic supply management areas to ensure inventory levels. In addition, the TwinBin enforces First In First Out (FIFO) stock rotation and reduces cross contamination.

The TwinBin is simple to use and it can easily be implemented in any setting that requires supply management. For more product information visit our website or to speak with one of our representatives, call 866-231-1222.


  • Double TwinBin System

    Double TwinBin System

  • Single TwinBin System

    Single TwinBin System

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